Welcome to Tupelo Disc Golf Leagues!    Continuing the tradition of promoting the sport locally, this site offers area players a unique system for disc golf competitions.  It allows tournament directors to advertise their event(s)  and submit results directly online.  All events are included in the overall points series and can also be tied along with other events for smaller, multi-event points series, or leagues.

Player Registration

To receive series points and insure your results are accurate, you have to to be registered! Here is a quick link to get this aspect handled!


Would you like to test the system with your your tournament or series of events?  We’re testing ….

Give me a holler via email

This is a new program that will handle singles or doubles tournaments up to five rounds.  It needs testing and the Tupelo disc golf community is the perfect place for us to work out any issues!   I invite you to be a part of it and appreciate you participation, comments, and suggestions.

Although more features will become available soon,  testing of the tournament  database aspects is a priority.

May the benefits of this system be enjoyed by all.





Show your Tournament Results!
Plain and simply! This is the easiest, least expensive way to advertise your tournament, show results, and offer a points series without third-party sanctioning.
Run a points series league
Would your club like to tie all it's weekly mini tournaments into a points series league? Or, as a TD, do you run a few annual tournaments you'd like to band together as a tournament series? It's possible. And best of all, it's easy, simple, and accurate. Leagues and Point Series increase interest and participation. What are you waiting for?

Note: Please register with the site first