The SN: To be, or not to be? (Part II)

As promised, Part II of the SN discussion ….

The previous post regarding the Southern Nationals came from the frustrations of dealing with a board of directors that remind me more of The Three Stooges rather than an actual organized group performing tasks to promote the sport and the association.

Almost two years of development brought inept results. One board member showed through vulgarity and personal attacks exactly how little class it really entails to be a board member of the Southern Nationals. The remaining board members, although not supporting the tasteless behavior of “the vulgar one”, actually owned up that the board had been “slackers” and needed to get “the ball rolling”.

The SN Board has gone astray from representing the membership that once comprised of disc golfer across the South. It now consists of “Gulf Coast” directors and really does not encompass a broad spectrum of events like in the past. I had hoped to offer more insight about possibilities and the future of the SN, but until true change takes place, I think I’ll leave it alone. Sadly, it’s time does seem to have passed. Maybe it’s just me, my opinion. However, until respectful board members show true responsibility and action towards needed goals, I can’t see supporting the organization.