Pure Putt 11 Intro is in the books. Thanks to Scott and Andrew Pilcher for joining in on this initial “pitch and play” format.

Scores will be added to the database later but here’s the outcome:

Round 1 – Strategy Format (2 rounds of 11 putts each)
55.11 A Pilcher
58.14 G Robbins
71.03 S Pilcher

Round 3 – Pure Format (1 round of 11 putts)

48.22 G Robbins
55.6 S Pilcher
59.63 A Pilcher


Round 2 – 18 Holes Vets Original

55 G Robbins
64 S Pilcher
73 A Pilcher

Round 4 – Ladder format (1 round of 11 putts)

67.06 A Pilcher
68.56 G Robbins
73.51 S Pilcher


Final Scores

229.92 G Robbins
254.08 A Pilcher
264.14 S Pilcher

The rain blew out and it was a great morning of DG. The PP11 app performed great and the combination of putting and playing a round has begun. T’was fun and added a new twist. We’ll do this again soon!