Coming Work Days

The above images reflect some of the areas we’ll be tackling in the coming weeks.  Hopefully, the city won’t be adding any more trees to the already plentiful amount laying around the course.  I truly believe if we have fairly good overall participation and enough volunteers with chainsaws, we will make a huge difference in the aesthetics of the course,  plus it will be safer and more enjoyable to play.

New signage and tee pads will come at a later time.  Our goal for these workdays is to clear the clutter of the course, possibly repair or construct new benches, and basically improve the overall perceived quality of the course.

One important factor is we all need to be one the same page.  Over-clearing and removing too many obstacles or challenges of the course can be just as devastating as the Pine Beetles.  If it’s questionable, check with myself or a Board Member for an opinion.  Please remember this, as we don’t want to take any steps backward while trying to improve the course.

If you plan to participate and have tools, it would be an enormous help if you will advise in advance of your plans. Having tools IS NOT a prerequisite, many bodies are needed to haul away the many limbs and trees that presently adorn our fairways.  Gloves are recommended.

Let’s all show Veterans some love for all the good rounds it has provided us.  We can knock this out quickly … together!  Hope you have plans to attend!