Handicap Scoring

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Over the past few years, I’ve received feedback about the various apps and programs I’ve created for disc golf. The most common request is the ability to offer a handicap system.   With daylight saving time cutting one’s ability to get on the course after work, I have found myself in front of the computer once again tweaking spreadsheet calculations in an effort of developing a fairly accurate handicap program.

One can research the web and find an array of thoughts on the subject. Basically, it comes down to averages, and most importantly, the difficulty of the course being played.  As all course’s level of difficulty are different, this has always been the “monkey-wrench” thrown into my calculations.  

Therefore, I decided to concentrate on Tupelo area courses which I personally have experience and develop a rating for each.   Ballard, Music Bend, Thunderchief, Veterans, Harrisburg, and both Tombigbee courses were incorporated into the system. I used past PDGA (and other) tournament averages and used these as SSA calculations. Although, likely very rudimentary and open for debate, it does serve a defining value to be used in handicap calculations.

So, the final calculation is something like this: (Player overall average – Course SSA)*.8 = Handicap

The player’s average is based on actual scores from various courses, less than accurate, but for local purposes sufficient for these calculations.  The average takes one’s entered scores and drops the highest.

In the spreadsheet above, the handicap is added to the actual score to determine the round’s final adjusted handicap score.   While determining these calculations, I also threw in a player’s rating formula. It is very basic and also suspect to its accuracy, but may also come close to representing a player’s overall ability.

I hope to test these calculations with real data in the near future!

[Edit 1-21-20:  The SSA calculation has been scratched and replaced with weighted averages and mean averages.  This elimintaes course strength rating and should prevent drastic flucuations with handicaps and players rating)