Ballard Hole Lengths & O.B

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Hole Measurements & Out of Bounds

Due to the nature of being within a park, there are O.B.’s on many of the holes at Ballard.  Like most courses, just keep your disc off the asphalt and dry and you’ll be O.K.   Below are areas to be aware of O.B.’s!

There are no Pro pads or alternate basket locations at Ballard

HoleAm to AO.B.
1212On or past parking lot or road
2216On or past road
3262On or past road
4237Over fence or on asphalt
5230On or past road
7209On or past road
8247On or past road
9270On or past road
11227On or past road
12209On or past walking track, on road (left of road is not O.B.)
13309On or past walking track, on stage
14269Water, on or past walking track
17186On or outside of walking track
18258On or past walking walking track, in parking lot
Holes: 18
Par: 54
Length: 4336 ft. 
Year Established: 2005
Pads: Concrete / Earthen
Baskets: Mach III 
A short course, perfect for a quick round or practicing your upshots.   The course meanders through the west side of the park.  Mostly open with a few densely wooded basket locations. Ballard is a good starter course for family and beginners.  Signage and intuitive paths make the course easy to navigate.