Improved Upcoming Events Site Feature

I’ve made a couple of improvements to the site that may be of interest to all.  First, I integrated Facebook events to be viewable through the site.  Secondly, and similar to Facebook events, there is an Upcoming events page listing events of the area which allows players to express their interest in whether they will attend.  Check the menu links above for both these features.

Not that anyone actual pre-registers on websites or Facebook legitimately these days, but for tournament directors, it’s nice to have some expectations for who is going to show!  One possibility though, it has the ability to link to a payment page for event pre-registering.   Having not TD’d in a few years, I am not familiar with Disc Golf Scene and other sites that allow clubs to advertise and have players register.  I believe, but not sure, that they take a portion of the payment (possibly a dollar, maybe less).  

This aspect intrigues me,  as IMHO, wouldn’t it be much better for those registration dollars to remain locally?

For example, a club like the TDGA hosted eight tournaments during the year which average fifty players.  Over the course of the year, this total $400 if using a third-party registration site.   (50 Players) x (8 tournaments) x ($1) = $400!  Not chump change, again IMHO!