Putting Competitions

If you would like to compete in a “Pitch n’ Putt” type event like the trial one of March 18th, when would be the best time?

PP11 Events

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  • Saturday Mornings 9am - 4
  • Friday Evenings 6pm - 0
  • Sunday Evenings 5pm - 1
  • Other - 0


PP11 events should not conflict or overlap scheduled tournaments, minis, or other DG related events of the TDGA.   The “Pitch n’ Putt” format includes 18 holes of disc golf plus 33 to 44 putts per event.  Some events may be putting events only and may be up to 66 putts.  If you’re not familiar with the Pure Putt 11 Android app,  check this link.  There are three putting format that will be used:  Strategy, Pure, & Ladder.  It’s good to know before your throw!  😉

All rounds are recorded in a database so you’ll be able to track your improvements as time goes by!  All rounds scheduled at no charge and no payouts,  Should enough interest and participation amass, we’ll discuss those option at that time.

Anyway, the 3-18 round was lots of fun and I believe a lil’ variety is truly that spice of life.  Hope you’ll give it a shot!