Speed Disc Golf

How about working a little of that turkey dinner off this weekend?  A lil’ speed golf action would do it!  I think it would be interesting to see how the various divisions balance out with  an event of this nature.

With the tournament season winding down, I could see this as a possibility locally. Maybe not 18 holes at first, but some 9 hole events followed by a casual laid back round.  Who’d be interested in trying a round?  Anyone up for a stab at it?

Object: To get the lowest score by finishing 18 holes in the fastest time with the fewest throws

Equipment: You may use as many discs as you want to carry.


  • Use a stopwatch and start the clock on hole 1 teepad
  • You must hole out on every hole. There are no gimmees.
  • You do not need to mark your disc. You have the option to set your stance behind the disc where it lies, or to flip the disc over.
  • No falling putts.
  • OB throws must be played from the proper spot in bounds, and you add the usual 1 stroke penalty.
  • Stop the clock when you’ve taken the disc out of the basket on hole 18.

Scoring: Score = Throws + Time.

Add together the total number of Throws plus the Time in minutes (converted to a decimal number). Since the number of throws is the most important aspect of disc golf this scoring method emphasizes the number of throws. Another advantage is that since it tracks the total number of throws courses with different pars can be compared.

1 throw = 1 minute. 72 is a pretty good score. A total score of 54 is an awesome round. For example: 52 Throws + Time of 25:30 minutes = 77.5

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