TDGA Minis

Not really sure if anyone wants this type of data, but I’ve taken the Facebook images of mini results so far this year and slapped them into a newly created TDGA Mini League via the Mississippi Disc Golf database.  There is a menu link above or you can access the league page here.  It is also included as a custom tab page on the TupeloDGLeagues Facebook page (although not visible via mobile devices).  

I don’t get to attend minis and tournaments much any longer but know I always desired to know how my play stacked up against others when I did.  I figure others in the area may have this same desire. True?  As I mentioned, the results were taken from images off the Facebook page.  Some names and divisions are barely legible so I don’t make any guarantees to the records overall accuracy.  However, it does organize everything in one neat little package, and if you play the minis frequently, it gives you an idea where your “stack up’ against the other players. I thought I’d throw this out there as I believe organizing the sport also promotes it … and to promote it to a higher level, it needs to be organized.

Let me know what you think.  Is it worth the time and effort to track such data and have it available for local disc golfers?  If so, would you be willing to volunteer to enter results?  Do you think it helps promote the sport?  The club?  If you don’t mind, please take the brief survey below and let me know your thoughts!

Mini Records Online?

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How would online records affect attendance?

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Would you volunteer to add mini results online?

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