The Original Ballard Course

The original Ballard ....

There was a work day on August 6, 2005 where a few of us thought we’d install some benches and work on the real “original” course at Ballard Park. Little did we know at the time there would be a Baseball complex make us dismantle the course a few months later.

Who remembers the limestone pit (is that right?) with the slither of a water down the middle of it, or the giant mosquitoes of the forest, or the bee’s nest in the tree on #7, or even the dastardly hole number 15 with the wickedly long “S” layout one rarely completed without losing a bit of blood?

And the below images are from earlier that year, April 2005, when the initial layout and installation was just getting started. They exhibit the harshness of the terrain that needed to shaped into a playable layout. There are a few aerial images that show the course that we used in developing a layout. Some pictures are only relevant to those that actually traversed the course and have memories of the holes!

Ah, fond memories of a grueling, tough layout. This was our effort at changing the persona of North Mississippi only having “short-arm” courses!

And now its a baseball complex!