/ DG Poll #3

Have you read the article on disc golf demographics of December 1st? It offers some wonderful insights of the sport and brings some long overdue research to it’s demographics! is one of my favorite sites for informative articles about the sport without an over-indulgence of events and pro players like so many of the other DG sites. Their byline is “A DISC GOLF THINK TANK” and I believe they live up to it! You gotta love it when others think outside the box! I highly recommend checking it out. It is full of some great reads!

When I began these polls a few days I had no idea had completed such extensive research. It will be interesting to see how our local composition of players stack up against Josh Woods research!

For today’s poll,  we head back to disc golf ….
In the old days, Tupelo was known for their “short arm” courses. In recent years there have been many longer layout course constructed. What type course do you prefer?

For strictly casual rounds, select which type course that allows you you greatest enjoyment: