tdgalogoAre you seeking the Tupelo Disc Golf Association?  Yes, it used to be hosted here but they’re now located at http://www.tupelodiscgolf.net.  For all club related news, events, schedules,  and stuff, you’ll want to look there!

But, don’t go away too quickly.  There’s plenty of local and regional disc golf info here as well!    Or, at least there will be as time goes by!   I guess you can refer to this page as Tupelo Disc Golf Association, just drop the “association” part!

The TDGA decision to create a “new page” for the club left this domain idly wondering what direction it should take.  Not for long though!  Although not regularly involved with the association and certainly not playing as often as in the past, nor as much as I’d like, I still love the game and the promotion of it’s growth and well-being …. especially locally here in this great disc golf community!   Therefore, why not convert the site as to continue the promotion of the sport?  Duh!  Kind of a no brainer don’t you think?  That’s what this domain’s been doing for years … seems like an obvious answer, right?

I’ve never played in many tournaments but have directed many.  I’ve never built web pages as a vocation but have created and directed many of those as well.  Combining these “closet abilities” along with the continued desire to promote disc golf brought forth an idea I’ve had for years … development of an online database for tournament results, leagues, and points series for clubs to use without having to sanction with some third party organization.  Sanctioning brings added expenses with little to no return.  If that’s not enough,  tournament directors and players have to deal with mileage restrictions, control issues, bureaucratic formalities and procedures.   Why does it it have to be so hard?  It’s a game.  From what I’ve observed,  most just want to play and compete!  So be it!!

With all this in mind, I set out in mid-2013 to develop a site that could be embraced by promoters of the sport, tournament directors, and clubs.  The goal was to allow events to be advertised and results posted with ease!  Additionally, leagues and tournament series could be created that included points races.  Lofty expectations don’t you think?  Its made great strides and is now coming heading towards fruition ….

tdgTherefore, I welcome and introduce you to the Tupelo Disc Golf online scoring system.  It is a beta site derived from another project I’m involved in developing.  It is now close enough to being complete that users may register and begin using it.  Beyond the actual scoring database I have included a blog, course directory, and a few other features to assist interested local disc golf enthusiasts.  It’s not the local club’s site but they are more than welcome to use it’s many features.  Its features extend beyond my original expectations and accomplishes many of the intended goals desired  to offer clubs and event directors.  It is a proto-type system that may possibly replace the current SN tournament/points database. Full blown advertising hasn’t been pursued as of yet as I’d like to distribute it slowly and make sure kinks, issues, and complete screw-ups are all resolved.

Continue checking this blog for updates, instructions, and suggestions.  An instructional page will be forthcoming soon.  Hope you enjoy!

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