June Master Mini – June 20th

The 2020 Fling with the King Tournament didn’t happen!

But, in celebration of the event, we’ll offer two mini’s at Vets resembling a past Fling with the King tournament. They’ll be separate minis and you can elect to play one, or both! Mark you calendar for June 20th! Please, please, please use the form below to sign up in advance!

Meet at the water park parking lot.
Round #1 Thunderchief (9:00am)
Round #2 Veterans Longs / King Layout (Attending players will discuss …. likely 15-30 minutes after first round – appx. 11’ish am) No lunch served.

Master’s = $2 / round (top 2 finishers per round in payout)
All other division = $1 / round (eligible for CTP only)
Payout is in MS Lottery tickets
1 CTP per round: Lottery ticket + Elvis Roc each round
Overall two-round best score will receive a 2011 Elvis disc!

First name