Masters Division

While setting up the contact list for the Monthly Masters Mini I was astounded to see how many age-restricted division players we have locally!  The present list consists of over thirty players in the area past forty years of age and I am sure I have missed a few!

These minis are being set up as fun competitions with the Masters division as the focus. While I am getting them started, it is my hope anyone desiring to TD will step up, chip in, offer their expertise, and direct a month or two!! Just looking over the list of players there is certainly ALOT of tournament directing experience included. And while the Master’s division is the focus, any younger players are welcome to join as well. They just won’t be eligible for payouts!

The first monthly Masters Mini for 2020 is next Saturday morning at the Booneville DGC starting at 9:00 am.  Event details are here!  Reminder txt messages are being sent to all players with details. 

Technologically, (if that’s a word) I learned a few things about txt messaging. AT&T, and most carriers, consider any txt messages over ten recipients as SPAM and do not deliver the message. Therefore, I split the Masters list into three groups and believe the goal of contacting everyone was accomplished! If you are of “masters” age, did not receive a txt, and would like to be added, please let me know!

Hope to see y’all in Booneville!