Master’s Mini #04 & #06 at Thunderchief and Veterans King

The 2020 FWTK replacement Master’s Mini is in the book.

Six brave souls braved lower 90’s heat on Thunderchief for the first round with Ken Cash taking top honors for the Masters with a 58. Austin, from the Water Valley area, took the Elvis CTP with his second shot a few feet from $18’s basket! There are 5 or 6 discs in the lakes around 11, 14, 15 & 17 so if anyone rakes, keep us informed if anything is found! While not the hottest Mississippi weather can offer, it was indeed a hot round!

The second round began soon thereafter on Veterans long pads to long baskets and all “King” holes! Once again, Ken Cash took top honors with a 66 while Austin again took the Elvis CTP with his 2nd shot a mere 25 feet from the #9 King basket! Yes, you read the correctly …. 2nd shot 25 feet form #9 KING! We were playing third shot CTP on that hole. Although, only his 2nd shot, it was surrounded by asphalt and OB, but still close enough to win the CTP! Austin, a non-Master) also shot a 61 for lowest score for the round!

Ken Cash had the overall best score for both rounds and took home the 2010 Elvis disc.

Fun and enjoyable rounds, but this old man won’t be playing many more consecutive rounds of that length!

Complete Master Mini Point Series results are here. For July, we’re thinking Oxford. Check back here for the date and details! Come and join us!