Tupelo Area Courses

C O U R S E       C O L O R      R A T I N G S

greenbasket = GreenA GREEN signifies a course lacks good design, have missing baskets, lacks navigation signs, or display inadequate maintenance or facilities. The course may not be challenging to skilled players. GREEN normally falls less than 2.0

yellowbasket = YellowA YELLOW rating signifies a course that, while still challenging and fun, may have a few inadequacies such as poorly designed holes, repetitive holes, lack of maintenance, poor navigation, or missing signage. A YELLOW rating is scaled at 2.0 - 3.0!

redbasket = RedA RED rating signifies a fairly well designed course that offers a nice venue for tournament play. Although every hole may not be perfect, the course is still enjoyable to play. The BLUE rating is scaled at 3.0 - 3.5!

whitebasket = BlueA BLUE rating signifies a fairly well designed course that offers challenges strong enough for tournament competitions. The BLUE rating is scaled at 3.5 to 4.0!

whitebasket = WhiteA WHITE rating is a well designed course that's enjoyable to play. It incorporates the landscape well, is equal to both left or right handed players, and is challenging for all skill levels. The WHITE rating is scaled at 4.0!

purplebasket = PurpleA PURPLE rating signifies a course that, while it still may be challenging and fun, only has nine holes.

Ratings:  The above ratings are based on Disc Golf Course Review’s web site.  Basket colors represent how each course is rated.  Depending on one’s skill, ratings may vary.   What is highly rated for some, may be low-rated by another!  Skilled players may not like short courses where older or novice players may not like long courses.  Similar to bag tags, ratings shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

An alternate STAR rating is available on individual courses based on local player feedback and may possibly be more enlightening.