Player Ratings

You may have read my recent post of mid-December about calculating player handicaps.  I’ve been taking rounds played from minis and casual play since then and recording them, along with whoever happened to participate in those particular rounds.

The calculations create dynamic results based on scores of the player’s last six rounds.  True ratings and handicaps won’t be accurate until at least 3-4 rounds are recorded.   My stat-geek brain finds the results interesting, and astonishingly enough,  fairly accurate!  I validate that statement with …. so far!

I am allocating space here in the main page so that players may view their ratings as motivation to improve!   The initial ratings are sorted descending from the highest player rating.  No surprises, right?  Sean leads the way!

S Portillo / 938.0

P Poland / 879.7

K Cash / 868.3

G Robbins / 819.7

S Pilcher / 732.2

J Braken /

d Clardy /

B Feaker /

K Daniel /

V Palmer /

T Palmer /

D Wesson /

D Kelly /

M McMillen /

J Cortez /

C Wilkerson /

K Lukens /

A Pilcher /

K Kent /

T Bunch /

C Coleman /

T Brown /

S Donhegan /